Psychotherapy, whether individual or couples, involves meeting with a therapist for the purpose of identifying barriers and developing effective tools to achieve a more fulfilling life. The process helps to improve personal, romantic, professional and/or sexual relationships.  

I work with a range of clients, providing counseling for adolescents, adults, couples and families and have experience working with various conditions including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, relationship and intimacy difficulties, grief and loss, and substance abuse. I utilize an integrative approach, pulling from evidence based and integrative theories, such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, as well as Imago Couples Counseling, Narrative Therapy and Gottman’s Couples Therapy, to best provide clients with practical tools to utilize with every day challenges. 


Intimacy and sexuality are basic human drives yet, experienced sexual dysfunction often remains taboo and hidden behind closed doors. Due to sex being highly stigmatized in the United States, individuals and couples may bear isolated burdens of doubt, shame, and embarrassment, unfulfilling or nonexistent sex lives.

 In therapy, we will explore various psychological factors, develop sex education and language, resources, and learn effective techniques. We will also examine social and gender norm barriers and expectations that may be contributing to a dysfunctional sex drive, including low desire, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, etc.

I provide a safe space for all to explore any concerns pertaining to sexuality and lifestyle including polyamory, open relationships, swinging and non-monogamy, as well as LGBTQIA communities, BDSM, kink, and other sexual minorities.

Specialties in Treatment:

  • Relational Concerns (Primary and Secondary Groups)

  • Intimacy and Differentiation

  • Alternative Relationships

  • Self-Esteem/Self-Image

  • Depressive Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Life Transitions (Loss, Employment, Family)

  • Health and Wellness